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My introduction to the "martingale" type collar was when I adopted my first greyhound Devina (formerly known when she raced as Veena Ram) from the Greyhound Pet Adoption Florida/ Southeast Coast. Devina's "gotcha day" collar was a red nylon 'reducer' style, with bright gold-tone hardware and a pretty brocade ribbon sewn onto it. I had to make it 'better' by hot-fixing crystals onto the ribbon (I'm like a crow --I am immediately drawn to anything that glitters or sparkles!!).

As I firmly believe that you can never have too many pairs of shoes (one needs to be prepared for *any* occasion), I also believe that my greyhounds can never have too many collars. So I searched the internet and my head spun-- fabric covered, satin lined, fleece & velvet lined, ribbon topped....so many beautiful collars and designers from which to choose! My 'wish' list got very long and very pricey! I've been sewing since I was 12 so I started sewing collars for Devina. And thus, began my new hobby...er...obsession with making collars.

Eight months later, we "chipped" and adopted Stryker (formerly known when he raced as Nad Uggie) and I started making boy's collars. I have just very little storage space in my house & the collars found their way out of the door of my craft room onto the dining room table and into the kitchen.... Encouraged by my husband and some members of my adoption group, I began to offer my collars for sale at fundraising events and subsequently added them to my web-business in addition to machine embroidery designs.

It seems that most fellow greyhound owners have style preferences (wide control loop [regular martingale] vs. thin control loop [reducer martingale], brass hardware vs nickel, fleece lined vs satin lined, etc.) and most like to have more than one collar for their hounds (see shoe collection reference above *grin*), so it made sense to me to offer more than one style of collar. And because everything is better with "bling", they all have to have some sort of embellishment! And YES, boys can wear collars with "bling" too-- check out the ones with the metal studs and nailheads!

My mother-in-law, Linda, is an expert knitter who works magic with her needles! Based on a greyhound sweater pattern copyright by Terri Lee Royea, she began to experiment with different cables and patterns. Her creations are gorgeous, and are available for purchase at events and on-line.

I have fallen in love with the greyhound breed and have met some of the most wonderful, kind and compassionate people dedicated to finding homes for our beloved retired racers. Unfrogettable Designs supports many adoption groups in FL, around the US and even 'across the pond' by donating collars for various raffles, auctions and other fundraising events.

Hop on in, stay awhile and take a look around. Make sure to check out the 'collar trade up/collar exchange program'! Drop me an email just to say hello....I'd love to hear from you!

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